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In many teens, alcohol is the first choice for substance use. In fact, young people and adolescents use alcohol much more often than others in terms of quantity and frequency of use. Although alcohol consumption is not common in children under the age of 14, early adolescence is a particularly risky period to start drinking alcohol.

Some parents, just “experience. “”They do not see alcohol consumption in their children very risky, but they must know that alcohol is a powerful substance that has a very powerful effect on the mood. Alcohol affects not only the mind and body, but also causes adolescents to lose their correct judgment and coping skills. Alcohol consumption increases the symptoms of addiction over a period of time, but if you are a chronic alcohol user or if you are unable to drink alcohol and, despite having dealt with it repeatedly, you should go to the Alcoholic Center  and Get psychoanalysis services and treat cognitive-behavioral services and psychology with your problem. You can make a visit to addiction treatment and come up with the solutions now.

What is alcohol and how is it obtained?

It changes the consciousness of the individual and changes perceptions and behavior. Alcoholic beverages are produced by the fermentation of a variety of cereals (such as barley, wheat, and rice), vegetables and fruits. Fermentation is a natural process in which aerobic yeast is placed on the material to be prepared from it. This yeast disintegrates the sugar content and feeds on the starch in which the alcohol is prepared. In a natural fermentation, about 14-15% of alcohol is obtained. They use distillation if they want to drink more alcoholic drinks. In the process of distillation, sour fruits or other raw materials are cooked and collected from the vapor and, by cooling it; obtain liquid that is less water and more alcohol. The ethyl alcohol or methanol thus produced is a substance that acts as a slowness of mental and physical activity.

How to help yourself or those who have been involved with alcoholism?

The help and guidance section of the Clinic specialists is that you are guided by the diverse and often complex alcohol and health care perspective. Our goal is to provide information about the self-knowledge and science behind the addiction; provide information and advice on your age, gender, status, and your ability to choose an informed treatment method to help yourself.

With alcohol:

  • Driving accidents caused by alcohol-related deaths are prevalent among adolescents. Alcohol consumption is also associated with deaths from murder and suicide.
  • Teenagers who drink alcohol are more likely to be involved in high-risk sexual behaviors and, consequently, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Juveniles who drink alcohol are more likely to be victims of violent crimes, such as physical clashes, rape and robbery.
  • The drop in education and dropout rates in teenagers who consume alcohol is more common than others.